For this supplication to God the Father,
I will grant great graces of protection 

God the Father: Monday, July 7, 2014 h 10 am

“Come, daughter, listen to My Word, Amen.
In the universe, myriads of angels are preparing for the final battle.

You who are immersed in the prayer made in the Divine Will,
have the wisdom to pronounce these very words,

which I exhort you to offer every day as a daily duty [task/responsibility].
You can say it at any time of the day, but let it be a constant prayer.

<< My soul is sad, O Lord, and everywhere is sin and egoism,
while pride rules in human creatures.

Now I come to You, dear Father, imploring the Divine Mercy,
that It may compensate for every deceit of usurpation in the Code of Canon Law,
and in the Divine Will I pray for protection and help,
asking that every suffering offered by our dear Jesus
be now offered also by us, poor creatures,
so that His suffering for the salvation of souls may not be in vain.   

O my soul,
I abandon myself firmly to God’s Will,
imploring for me and for my dear ones
faithfulness and coherence with the Ten Commandments,
and that (my soul) may never more distance itself from them.  

You, My Lord Jesus, be the Judge of the Divine Mercy,
the Liberator of the souls in Purgatory, our Liberator from earthly chains,
and place us under the powerful mantle of the Most Holy Mary,
where every soul will find a safe refuge. 

O Most Holy Father,
please intervene in the partiality of human judgment,
without sinking too much the Ship of Saint Peter;
please make it strong, powerful and victorious,
returning it to its pristine splendour.  

We ask this of You with faith,
knowing that everything You promise, You fulfill. Amen. >>

For this supplication to God, dear soul, I will grant great graces of protection;
and for every single person who says it with faith every day,

I will save his/her family,
even though tribulations will not be lacking,

because everyone will have to realize his/her own choices and infractions against God’s Law. Amen. 

Believe, Margherita, that this prayer will spread around the world,
because with Me, the Father, there is the Trinitarian approval in the Divine Will. Amen. 

I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
[Thanks be to all Heaven, God be blessed now and forever!]
Amen, so be it, My daughter, so be it!”