YEAR 1999


“Towards 2000 life will be transformed and you will all be children of God in the same way.
There will no longer be distinctions between rich and poor, but all destined to live the Love of God
in full wellbeing.
There will no longer be Materialism in the person.
They will live with much interior peace and nothing will be able to disturb that joyful harmony
that all will breath:
in Holiness and Joy one will live!
Lord You know that we wait for you... Everyone asks: - When?- They are afraid, they are restless.
I ask you Jesus, can I know with greater precision what we must do, how the events will unfold,
o better how they will follow one after another?..

Yes, I can respond to you in this way:
The end of the dark times will be after three days.
In the meantime disasters will break out a little bit everywhere.
When you will hear that the Pope will be put aside,

begin to ask yourselves if all is all right and continue the prayers: unceasing must be prayer!

Now if it will be before or after the darkness, this is not given to you to know.
Remain solid in prayer, nothing bad will happen to you. … Do not get sidetracked by other things, like:
fear, chaos, disorientation. Faith, children, only pure Faith, this I ask”.



“ Negli altari mi troverete ancora per poco e dopo di che Mi vedrete faccia a faccia, e non vi dovete sorprendere,
siete avvisati! Credete figli, credete che presto verrò”.

YEAR 2001


Jesus: “Hasten to fast. And to carry out actions of adoration in order to find all of you shining
as Jesus on Tabor, where all those who remained faithful to Me will have the transfiguration like Jesus.
You will be amazed by so much splendor, but it will be like that, I can assure you!
And every knee will bend asking for pardon.

Prepare yourselves for these events with serenity, with much trusting prayer. Do not become tired!
By now all is at the door and I will knock; I will knock and you will open, wide open,
so that I might enter there with My radiant and blazing Light.
I will cloak you, I will dazzle you, but feel yourselves read to accept Me! I love you and I desire you safe!”


Jesus: “My daughter… see how I suffer? My Heart closes itself, it is despised, My Love is not understood!
They still want to kill instead to love! They do not understand, they become infuriated, one wants to destroy the other and they kill each other: how many victims still? How much hate?
Peace, peace little ones, but where is peace? They do not have it, they are sick, sick in the heart, in the mind, they are cheated, they will be destroyed, what a disaster! (Jesus crys!)... My poor children, they go to meet death!…
Excuse Me, but today I cannot rejoice with you, my spirit is like in the day of Gethsemane... They destroy all the good done, they do not realize: they fight for the good, but this is evil!
Know children how to receive, receive the Word of Jesus, put it into practice! Let your life be governed by the Lord and not by the enemy! …


Jesus: “Dear daughter, you know that I love you, that I will follow you step by step.
I will give you My light burden, but you also must do a little bit of effort!
The Cross redeemed you, but your sin must be paid for!
Let us go up the Mountain without fear, with strength in the heart,
with the joy to give oneself for a just cause:
the cause of Jesus!
You are my bulwark, my handmaids. There are many rewards that await you!
You must toil a little, but the reward that awaits you is great, it is immense,
you cannot even imagine it!

Be serene, do not get distressed about anything, if you are abandoned you will not feel anguish, you will know how to behave.
Abandon yourselves to prayer; be united even if far away, as I have already told you.
Prayer saves, prayer helps you, prayer unites yourselves to all the other brothers.
Be sincere with yourselves, look inside of yourselves.
The sin is hidden; the enemy knows well how to not let it be seen!
It hides itself like a virus; it spreads in the body; it is necessary to discover it in time!
I have given you discernment; use it!
You will understand so many things! …
The glory that awaits you, the triumph of the Heart of Jesus and of Mary,
is not a mirage: it will happen soon! You will have this joy!
Certainly, you will have to pass through ugly moments,
but aim at, think about the ‘then’, think about joy,

about love, about peace in the world, a wonderful world where all is love!
One will no longer speak about war and hate: all will be love!”


Jesus: “Children,.. I am humiliated, I am despised, I am grief-stricken in my sorrow!
They want war and they say it is for peace. They want to destroy the world! Pray children! Pray much with love, with the heart, a sincere prayer said for love for the brothers.
But do you realize what will happen?…
I do not want war! The enemy wants war, the treacherous serpent who has crept into the world and he is damaging, corrupting as many souls as possible.
Be tranquil, My Mother will win!”


“There will be persecutions and you must protect yourselves: you have Prayer, Benedictions,
Confessions, the Sacraments. Make use of these as much as you can.

The moment will come when you will have to hide yourselves.
They will not want to see you enter into church…

Be cautious, reflect before speaking, ask yourselves who is before you,
the enemy is everywhere, be careful…
The enemy will persecute everyone; everyone will be put to the test.
Remain united I implore you, do not disperse yourselves.
Make union of prayer; it does not matter where you are, but join together for prayer.
Every place is OK, I am everywhere. If you pray with the heart, I will be with you!
I instruct you, I do not abandon you, but I follow you,
I teach you how to do in order to protect yourselves.

Be serene not withstanding everything, serene with the certainty in the heart that Jesus is with you”.


“Open your ears, my children, and be on the alert about what is about to happen.
things never seen and heard before will astonish you, but you remain serene in God the Father.
They will be moments that you will have to live clinging to prayer.
The Revelations that I am giving you, you have never heard before, but I implore you believe, believe, believe!…
The enemy is in dire straights and he thrashes about in a far-fetched way like a ‘beast’,
The beast of Revelation, you know it?
Well then!? Now is the moment in which every part of that prophecy will be realized!
Read it and you will see step by step that each thing, said so many years ago by My John is happening:

only the fools do not understand and do not believe!
We have entered slowly into this apocalyptic time, but many of my children have understood it
and they have given themselves to prayer, knowing that only prayer can mitigate that which must happen
[Mc.13,20]. …
Be with ears well opened, with the heart open to love and the mind taken up by what the
Divine Wisdom will want to teach. Listen with trustful calm.
Now must happen all that is written!
Think only: am I ready for Jesus?”


God the Father: “Strip yourselves of the ‘old man’, put on anew with snow-white cloths, cleaned up from sin. It will be your salvation! Hasten children, hasten to clean up your hearts from the filthiness of the world. You must not have in the heart any thought that leads to sin.
The justice of God is imminent; be strong!
I told you that the arrival will come like a thief in the night: you do not know the hour, you do not know the day, neither when it will be
, but I tell you be quick, because that day is near!
Every minute is precious and I speak of your minutes not Mine.

I am in time, My time is not yours, but I speak of your time.
Be ardent, fervent Apostles of Christ.
Bring Me to your brothers; make them understand that soon there will be a Warning.
Many know it, but many still do not know anything; they will be frightened,
they will not understand what is going on, but they will understand very soon.
I will speak to their consciences, I will make them relive their sins,
they will see the rot of their ruined flesh due to sin…

Each of My instruments must say this to the brothers!”.


The Mamma: “In a short time, children, my ‘children’ will be persecuted; the church will turn against them!
My poor children, pray for them, but they will follow Me,
they will follow Me always, they have decided in their heart
and they do not want to change; they have understood that only in this way one saves oneself”.


“My pastors have greatly mistaken, so many will be punished. This is the Divine Justice!…
There is no longer the ‘Fear of God’; this is why it is time to say enough,
too many children have lost themselves!
Bring My Word, read it, and you are my precursors of the good news”.

YEAR 2002


God the Father: “My priest sons [Cardinals, Bishops, Priests] are about to give battle to their God in Jesus Eucharist, but they will not be able to deprive me of such joy,
not while this My Favored son [the Pope], keeps watch over you.
They will have to knock him down if they want to do all that they have in mind,
but the Angels and the Saints help him to be strong and fighting.
Certainly, in a short while he will be called to the house of the Father,
because his earthly mission is coming to an end, but when this will happen
, all will plummet!…
Remember this: when my son Peter will no longer be in power to guide the Church, then you will be very attentive in doing what they will ask you. There will be needed much discernment and letting oneself be interiorly guided and do not think too much about the ‘then’.

Let yourselves be guided in doing the Divine Will, praying, fasting, offering sacrifices, and
having the forethought to always call near to you the Power of the Holy Spirit who illumines you.
Your Angels, call to them in your defense and they will protect you”. …

Do not worry about what they will want you to believe; know that it is in the Truth
and in the Word of the Gospel he walks and teaches as a good Teacher.

When you will be put up to date about what they are communicating to the faithful,
do Eucharistic fasting no longer one hour before, but from midnight,
so that every little participation at the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass,
might be pleasing to the Father who comes in the Son to you”.


When you will be in the trial remember: - I am with Jesus and I am with Mary;
the Angels make me a corolla and nothing I will fear. Amen -
You will be called and you will have fear, but know that alone you are not, abandoned trustful. Amen.
Offer and suffer for love of the brothers; you will discover hidden treasures!”


Jesus to the Priests: “Every outrage that will be done, in regards to the Institutions that there are now,
you will have to delve into and understand, in your heart,
if it is truth, what is good, what is evil. Follow your heart.
In the heart you have Jesus who speaks to you and who guides you.
Discernment will not be lacking to you if you will be abandoned to the will of God for you.
You will understand it, because you will sense it if it is a good thing or not”.


“We have arrived to the point in which the mass of people will have to realize that
the one who guides My fervent sons,
is not the voice of the world, but the voice of the Living God who with the Holy Spirit gently blows on them and breaths the Word of Truth in their soul. …
Do not put a noose on their mouth, but let them speak in My Name and that they might proclaim
what is the Truth about My Coming soon on the cloud…
I am truly dismayed that so many still are not open to this reality soon to come
and that they are still convinced that all is far off! They are deceived if they think like this,
because when suddenly My Arrival will be, they will not yet be ready.

When this will be, dear children devoted to Me, you will be the first to enjoy this reality, we will see each other face to face and so you will finally be able to be satisfied for such a long wait for Me”.



The Mamma: “So many souls are loosing themselves; we do not know anymore neither what to say, nor what to do to convince them to return to the Father. They are all on the edge of the blade of a razor;
they can fall at any moment.
That their blood might not be shed in vain, their sorrow enclosed in Us, offered by you. …
When there will remain all the children who want to live in the Divine Will, you will enter into the New Kingdom, a Kingdom of peace and love, where concord and trust are never lacking.
The watchful eye of the Father dwells among them.
Be serene, my children, the danger there is, but you are with Me, you must not fear,
you must only be always free from every sin.
Because you must seek perfection and imitate the example of the Saints.
You will taste the joys of Heaven already now, if you will live like this in the Divine Will”.



“Daughter of the Father, ... we direct you to carry out Our Will which will be an EXCELLENT Book [Referring to the first Book of the Triad of Love], a Book of Light for all My creatures and it will sell ‘like hotcakes’ – you say -. Yes, it will be exactly like that!
[Jesus maintained the promise! His Book sold ‘like hotcakes’ and it is already in the third Edition and the requests are always increasing. The first edition came out in October 2002!]
• How to do this? – you ask. – How can it be made known?
Have faith continually and you will see that the ‘windows’ [of the computer] on the world will
open one after the other
. [Also this happened and is happening by way of the Internet!]
When something is desired by God your fear must disappear, because everything is directed by Us!
The Angels are ready to dispense Light on our creatures and, from Angel to Angel, the Word will pass, and it will be in such a way, that many might search for it and it will be necessary to reprint very soon ”
. [Without any ‘programmed’ information, by way of the Angels, the Book arrives to the souls and as already said, we are already on the third printing! Thank you Jesus that you maintained the Promise, the Prophecy! Moreover the internet site, in only a few months, was visited by almost three thousand people!].


St. Joseph: “I am Joseph and I also feel to be your father.
I am happy of this your choice to be with you, to feel loved, to feel respected.
Learn it well, learn well this prayer [To you oh Blessed Joseph...], because you will need also My help. In the Moments of trial I will also be with you to protect you, to help you.
Be ready, be ready with the Weapon of the Rosary, it will be your defense;
it will be the battle between the Good and the evil, but it will be a joy to be able to assist you. …
My children I embrace you one by one. I was the staff of support for Mary, but I want to be this also for each one of you. Entrust yourselves to me, trust yourselves in my capability to guide you, trust me!”


God the Father: “Finally [ N. N. Priest] has understood that also the Priesthood, done as they teach now, is not how I instituted it; and when they will want to change still other rules, the veil will fall that covers the machinations done in secret in order to sabotage the general Church.
But my Pope will oppose it with all his strength, and then poor are they, they will have to repent bitterly for having manipulated all to their liking, not keeping in mind that they are divine laws
and not earthly. Amen.

I establish you all my Heirs who walk with the Pastor of the sheep, but I urge you: - Do not deviate, so as not to find yourselves together with the goats and to have to say to you: “I do not know you!”


God the Father: “How many are those who love My Jesus? How many are those who adore My Jesus?
Oh my child, they are few, very few, the flock is small you know! Unfortunately there will remain little time to be able to reconcile with the Lord other souls; but perhaps, when they will have realized the sin that is in themselves, they will return to the path that leads to the Royal Palace.
You see, my beautiful one, that if they are in this situation, the fault is not all theirs,
The fault will fall on the one who instituted the Faith in a manner so distorted from the reality
of the original teaching.
My primordial Church I want; to bring back all as it had been projected; and so many will perish, many will loose themselves due to what they inculcated in the ‘modern’ theology.

Oh my faithful friends, do not deviate anymore from the narrow path; it is the right way.
And that which is administered to you for their convenience, that is the way that leads to ruin,
to eternal damnation!

The world is in a disastrous situation and you are observing it: look at the news reports in order to have the news, and what do you see? Disasters, abuse of power, killings, vengeances, rebellious opinions: you pretend to understand that it might be My enemy. But you do not realize that he is about to have all, precisely all, in his hands? Shortly you will understand this! His attitude, in a short time, you will understand, but soon it will be revealed to you and many things you will be able to understand. But I urge you, cling to the authentic faith, to the faith that must excel, that must be that which gives strength and courage in order to combat with the ‘weapon’ in hand as if it were a cudgel, ready to launch the strike on the enemy”.



The Mamma: “My daughter, do not fear; I am your Mamma of Heaven.. .. Your uncle is with Me;
he is with your earthly mamma and with your dad.
You cry for joy, my child; know that your prayers were very efficacious for the help of their salvation, and even if to you it did not seem to have effect,
in heaven your prayers produced the benefit derived from them.

Remain happy and one day you will be able to see them; they are with Me even now and they are observing you. How they love you my child!
They will help you in the days of trial and they will support you while you will have to help your dear ones.
Be strong and accept the suffering of their separation for yet a little while,
because when Heaven will be united with the earth, all will be able to see their dear ones!”


“I will speak to you my Priests: What have you done with your Priesthood?
You are desecrating all with false coyness and with false humility of ‘obedience’
to one who does not love Me.

Hasten to change because soon you will all be put under scrutiny and so you will see
all of your iniquity without excuses and obtuse truths of faith.

They are not my Rules those to which you want to show to be obedient, no!
They are human rules dictated from your mind, for the convenience to take advantage of time
and of the faithful as is best convenient to you, and this does not go well with me!

Return to be the Priest; return to be Pastors of the flock.
No one follows you anymore because you are following them
and so the sheep is adrift and so are you”. …

Be strong my dear; now it is that all will be uncovered.
And the more you my Instruments will make known My writings, the more the devil will rebel in them,
but you upright, head high, say what you hear and fault you do not have.
Do your duty; do what God Wants”.