YEAR 2003


“How many times I am outraged and I am there defenseless, no one who runs in My aid, no one dares to expose himself for Me.
Poor children [the Priests], when they will be put to the test, where will they find the strength to combat and to defend Me, if already now they have gone far from Me? …

The one who loves me is derided, is calumniated, taunted, as they did with Me. But they [these Priests] will defend Me, they will be in My Ranks, among Mine and they will not drift away from Me … they will not refuse Me”.


“My dear priest sons, you will have to suffer for not having believed… The reason you will see soon and so much bitterness you will have in the mouth.
They are My children that you outrage, they are My Writings that you hate, they are my Words that you do not accept, they are My souls consecrated to Me, and when the veil will fall from the eyes, oh, how much I already see you suffer!
You do not want to know, you do not want to understand and so…
Go forward my valiant ones [They are the ‘collaborators’ of His Books], get up, fight!
The weapons are unequal, but you will win!…”.


“Defend me, my brothers, defend me, do not be silent any longer, be courageous and do not let yourselves become involved with the Freemasonry. You play both sides in order to ensnare as much as you can, but I will not permit beyond that which is decided.
, they will soon say, but soon and this will be done so quickly, that will not ask themselves in time: - What is happening?
Those poor ones clothed in purple, they think to be able to defy who? To their God? But who do they think they are? One God only there is and there does not exist another but Me.
Undeterred is my decision and soon they will realize it. Oh, it will be a misdeed for them, because I will not permit that they might outrage still My Son.
They killed him, they want to continually kill him!
But I decree: no!, now it is enough!”.


In adoration to Jesus Eucharist solemnly exposed in a cloistered convent.
“ … That your behavior be an example to the others, I am referring in particular to you Priests.
You were my heroes today and I thank you.
Speak about Me, of My Love, about My joy when I see the children ready to adore Me, to defend Me, to shelter Me if necessary.
I need souls who might offer themselves: do not be afraid, I am with you and I will help you in this difficult walk.
Proclaim my word, defend it... on behalf of it.. ..
When all your brethren will turn their backs on you, you must not fear,
the one who will win will be the Father!
It will be the Angels and the Saints to assist you and to help you…
remain attached to me, I am the rock, I am the right way, I am the salvation! ..
Do not loose yourselves because others do not think as you do, you continue!

Tell my children that I love them, that I want them safe, that they never despair.
Salvation is found only in me: in the Eucharist, in adoration, in confession.
I am present, I am present in you, in the Priests while you distribute Holy Communion, while you give absolution, while you proclaim My Gospel.
Every word that comes out of your mouth be founded on the Rock of Christ, in the Will of the Father: it will be My Word, it will be My Voice, the edict of My Peace!


The Mamma: “Come Holy Spirit, descend upon all the children of God, cause sin to sink and that they might long for the Glory of God!
My brothers, you are in a difficult moment and you must try hard to be united with the weapon of the Rosary.
Do not disperse yourselves, and listen to the recall of your Mother Mary!
My children, how much sorrow in My Heart as Mamma, I am Grieved, because the situation is plummeting, and you will have to sustain the brothers.
Gather together often, make a chain of prayer and that this prayer might be for the salvation of souls!

The salvation of the body is not very important, because the body deteriorates and rots, but your soul will be at the mercy of the destiny that you, with your will, will have chosen to follow! …
I entrust to you the children that find themselves involved in the war. Pray for them. Amen!


“I am worried about how my children will react when they will have understood that the Truths of the Faith have been always distorted by those who wanted to make of My Church their dingy hole; of children worried about the wellbeing of the brothers, and thinking to do the right thing, they have accepted the changes, thus playing into the hands of the rebellious and infernal enemy.
Oh yes they will understand, but at the expense of my children faithful to the “Church”, who believe in them.
In this way they have denied My Word of truth, which must never be changed!”.


“Love can overcome the war!
The heart that opens itself to love overcomes all the obstacles and it lets itself to be used by God the Father and of it will see the fruits. There will rain graces, healings, because when the spirit is sick, the body suffers.
This is why I insist much: the purification of the soul!
Only in this way will peace enter into hearts: with Sincere Repentance of one’s errors, of one’s sins.
Go to your confessor,
open your heart and say all that which is inside. Bad thoughts, works badly done, disturbances: all that which can unsettle the soul, you must confess it, in order to bring back that proper equilibrium between the physical, soul and body.
Have courage, do it soon, there is not much time left! Mercy will soon give way its place to Justice!
Do not be lacking in the Love of the Father, take advantage of this while you are in time!”.


The Message was given to two Priests who made an explicit request! Knowing of the “Will” of Jesus to give to the faithful, as it was always done in the Church, Holy Communion only in the mouth, having found hostility and rebellion in the faithful themselves, in the religious, why did they take it in the hand, openly refusing to receive it in the mouth, and having had moreover the disapproval of the colleagues and peremptory commands from the religious superior, not knowing how to behave, they made an explicit request to Jesus on how to confront this situation. And Jesus, responding to them wanted to respond to all the Priests. Here is the reply of Jesus.
“Yes, I am with you always and I am ready to give you clarification about what you want to know.
Remain serene while you obey My Will...
Do not worry about what others can say: Be on My side, defend me, protect me!

“Yes, I am with you always and I am ready to give you clarification about what you want to know.
* The Eucharist is to be taken only by the hands of the priest;
I do not want that I might be taken by non consecrated hands.
* distribute it in the mouth and do not worry about what will be...

I am with you, we will combat together, but do not be disturbed, do not worry!
Remain serene while you obey My Will.
In the ‘hearts’ my priests will understand and will sense that this is the right action to do and
do not worry yourselves about what the others can say.
You are on My side, defend Me, protect Me!

Humble yourselves if it helps, I will thank you.
I will intervene on your behalf with My Strength, with My Courage;
I will instill in you the Divine Justice, so that you might not fall into traps, into errors, that can twist themselves against you.
I will defend you, I am next to you always!
And you feel Me in your heart when I speak, when I suggest, when I give you courage: you understand that it is I.

When disturbances arrive, they are attacks of the enemy.
I leave only peace, I do not give torment!
And if a faithful or religious rebels and ‘takes’ it on the hand?
Do not give him Holy Communion!


St. Joseph: “Be faithful heralds of the Lord up to the end. Support yourselves with prayer,
help each other and defend your soul.
Do not let yourselves be convinced by what they will say, by what they will change.
They will want to change the laws. The laws of God are not to be changed, they are those and those they remain.
God will intervene, he will intervene in a strong manner, decisive, but necessary…
Yes, I hold you up, I will be next to you, I will help you: My job is to protect!”.


The Mamma: “Yes, my children, you are all precious and you are all in my heart. I am patient, I am thoughtful and I am also in a hurry now, because time is pressing and each minute is precious.
Be happy to be able to enter in to be part of the ‘elected’ children who will see the realization of the Work of Redemption and Salvation.
For many of you it is already the hour of judgment,
and here falls the donkey, because if he did not know how to receive the occasion of the anchor of passage, he will precipitate like a real ass.
Notwithstanding the repeated recalls, many are those who have willingly refused the warning to prepare oneself and have continued as if nothing ever happened.
They will regret it, and then by the merits of their actions, they will be judged!”


“I am with you to speak to you about important things, of things that concern the world today, it is in such bad shape!
And I feel so badly treated, reviled, calumniated, put in a corner to shut up!
Oh, but they will hear Me!

They will feel My presence,... they will hear my speaking,... they will hear that condemnation in themselves,… They will seek peace, they will invoke it! They will seek love, true love and they will not find it
in those who should have given it,.. They will seek a way out for their errors, for their sins, for their omissions, but there will not be a way out before Me!

Remain in peace, you Priests [he says this to two Priests present!], be in the Faith, in the true faith, in the authentic faith!
Do not waver before anything.
Nothing might be usurped of that which is Mine, of that which is for Me, of that which is due to the King.
I am your King, I am and I will be your Judge,... your Justice... condemnation... punishment, all depends on Me!

Implore me, invoke me, ask for comfort, ask for My Love, My Peace, My Mercy..!


“Invoke everyone, ask for help for all, ask for pity and mercy ..
The Holy Spirit will descend on you ..
Everything will happen in it’s own time... do not worry about when...
Seek to be ready, to be astute, to be quick in understanding and in acting”.


“The Ones clothed in purple depend on My Peter and if My Peter wants My Laws to be respected, as I instituted them, they will have to obey; and the one who will not be in agreement, will fall into my severe judgment.
Oh yes, that I will have clemency, do not doubt this, but when I see that the repeated recalls of the Pope do not help and they still do that which is more suitable to them,
I can no longer accept these lackings, because they are leading more and more to apostasy and they are disgusting so many faithful children who would want Holy Priests to imitate and not to have to reproach.
They are making too many mistakes and all too easily they hide behind the word ‘obedience’.
It is time that it is enough!”.


“Yes, I manifested Myself [in the Eucharistic Miracle on May 23, 2003], to render believable my intervention… and because I desire that the Priests do not take lightly, as you say, the problem that will be created with the new dispositions that there will be regarding the Eucharist.
Be my faithful witnesses for the Christian rite and do not accept other changes,

but reaffirm that that which the world asks for is coherence of Christian Life; Teaching of the Gospel and living it personally beginning with the Priests that are actually forgetting Me and do not believe in the efficacy of the Eucharistic Consecration where I manifest Myself. True bread and true wine which are transformed in True Food of Christ, died for the salvation of ‘MANY’ and not for “all” my brothers.
[The Priests] are making too many mistakes and all too easily they hide behind the word ‘obedience’.
It is time that it is enough, and it is up to you, my People, to begin to rebel against all this.


This Message was given in great suffering and weeping. The dots denote the pauses due to the weeping.
“Let flow your tears My daughter, that they might dampen,… that they might dampen the arid hearts, that they might dampen the souls of My Consecrated Ones!
My children who should be the first to adore Me and do not... because they do not believe… they do not believe in Me… they do not believe that I am inside that Host…

They do not realize how much harm they are doing to my children!…
Annulling in this way the possibility that all might be saved. …
Many give heed to them... many are convinced that they are in the truth... and so, also my children follow them with this conviction, because they are “the Priests”, they are the Church, they represent me!

But how are they representing me? .. How? .. (Long weeping!)
I am not a Father who can leave alone the children! …
I am not a Father who chastises like that as is happening now! … …
It is their own example, their way of doing things... that leads all to sin, to the destruction of themselves and of the Church herself!...
No my daughter, No, do not worry about yourself, about that which will be, about what they will say to you

Confide in Your God, confide in the Eternal Love and let yourself be guided. …
Allow freely this outlet of weeping, I need it …
Unite yourself to C., unite yourself to her daughter, ... and offer these tears,... this remorse for my children fallen in the error of not believing! ..l. [In the Miracle which transformed the white Host into the flesh and blood of Jesus!] They need to change their mind! …
They need to see, to ascertain that it still happens, that still ... at the words of the Priest I manifest Myself, I render Myself visible, real in the one who has eyes of the spirit open to My Coming, to My Real Presence in that Host! … … …

Oh, My degenerate children! What must I still do ... what have I not done to attract you to Me…
… to not let you make a mistake... to not make you fall into the trap of My enemy, who has always obstructed the good…
Oh, he is jealous of My children who love Me ... He is jealous of every act of love that you do in regard to Me and in regard to My Most Holy Mother.

Well, he is obstinate, he wants to combat to the last moment that is possible to still take from Me children …

But these souls that I created, that I wanted, no!, he will not have them anymore! Many will return to Me, they will feel a magnet in their heart ... they will feel how much agony there is inside My Heart ... how much evil they have done to Me! … How much they have mistaken!
Oh, my children, when you will listen to this cassette, bitterly repent, repent …
Confess your fault for having not believed!
Every moment that passes is dangerous, it is dangerous to wait! Do it as soon as possible and Consecrate yourselves again, renew the Consecration, my Priest children,
Renew your commitment to the Church which must be One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic... as I instituted it, not how you have changed it! …

My God, My God.. … … do not abandon Me again! …
Make it so that these children might return to Me ... repentant and restored, cleaned from every sin, from every fault … And that they might be full of fervor in order to transform the evil that they have done …
Transform him into a magnificent Work of Love which will pour itself on the earth from brother to brother, from soul to soul. This Love will explode, it will explode, I tell you.
Be certain of this! …


“Give yourselves children, give yourselves without hesitation, without official constraints; be simple children desiring to listen to the Father. Reassess the child he asks you…
Draw up a petition like faithful Christian children, ask that the Holy Eucharist be consumed worthily as in the beginning and not as they do it now!

That broken bread, was not given in the hand
but placed in the mouth of each of the apostles
, and when they had eaten it, it was also given to them the wine to sign the Passover of My Son.
Oh, if everyone would take up again the sweet habit of authentic reverence and not that which seems to all of you like false hypocrisy.
I love you, my children, be a support to My Heart and you will help this Mother.


The Father: “They are hard times for what the prophet must do, the church is totally leaning toward telling her no.
They do not feel in the heart that she loves them, that she would do nothing if I truly not enter into her to make her speak…
Go forward my daughter, you are together with many others who will form a barrier against the desacralization of the Eucharist. Oppose it, you are my elect and, as such, I invite you to bring to all My Will.


Jesus, I am disappointed every time [the Priests] do not believe in the Messages, in the Books and I tell myself. – It is not that they do not believe in me, now it is that they do not believe in You, in Your Words. Forgive Jesus!, forgive these Priests, because I believe in them!
My daughter, let time pass and you will see how many hidden intrigues you will discover in so many Priests that do not follow My Word, but follow the god of money, they follow
affluence, they follow the not having headaches so as to be in peace, without hearing any reproaches from their conscience, which would awaken from the stupor in which it is now, ensnared by wellbeing, by superficiality with which it is now carried out that which is the Law of God.
Oh my dear, they have programmed a [law] that goes well for self, one that is in step with the times. This they say in order to hide the sin in omitting the True Word of God.
But they will soon realize which is the True Word. They will become aware of where there is the Truth of the Messages. They will not be able to say – I did not know! –“.


“My daughter, now will take place the most painful events for you my prophets.
They will make false oaths to cause to fall on you every discontentment.
and you remain silent, steadfast to my saying and knowledgeable that I your God and brother
can do all.

Now is the time that neither you, nor those who hinder you, can change our decisions. By now all is decided by the Most Holy Trinity and thus, your saying and doing be just and only the adaptation to the Divine Will of all of Heaven”.


God the Father: “Now my child, you will come to know the hidden conspiracies by those who want to put in bad light each of My Words that are dictated to you.
I implore you whole heartedly and with all My Love, to always listen trustfully to the interior Voice that speaks to you. Do not give up, continue undeterred that which We from Heaven are asking you to do. …
Act listening to Us and obeying Us.
Now may you have the Grace of God the Father, the Love of God the Son, the earthly experience of a loving Mother, always ready to intervene for the faithful soul, for the good of the rebellious child, for the one who thinks to ask for help.

Then we will put in you the interior strength necessary so that you might be able to intervene with courage when you will find yourself having to give explanations.

In my heart I feel the word, in my heart I feel peace, in my heart I put light, in my heart I act making to be done my will in everything.
All these actions, sensations you perceive, and you guarantee that while you write you are in peace in the heart and thus you have continued to do what Heaven has asked of you.
Might this be the way of loyal and simple defense, because this is the Truth, and the Truth always gives much light. Remain serene and have faith my child”.



“Daughter,.. now intervene about the gaps of the Priests regarding the Eucharist and the abomination of the faith: That My Priests might open the eyes and that they might continue to follow the indications of Christ, who instituted the Rite of the Holy Church and who now wants the full totality of availability to be carried out as and in the way that I instituted and not as they want to transform things.
I am and I was, now as then, nothing has changed, nothing must be changed!

The Rules of gold are eternal Rules and have the power to transform the heart of the faithful who prepare themselves to listen, only because it is the Word of God, only because it is desired by me for their salvation.
And if I might do in that way, with that Rite, in order to form the Church and the Institutions, how can one permit men to change the meaning of the Gestures and of the Word?
No, my children, remain with My Pope, remain in the ranks of the faithful children, faithful apostles, faithful to your commitment taken with God, and do not follow what man proposes to you, because it interferes with the plans of God, and offers the possibility to the infernal enemy to sneak in among you, to distort the Words and sow weeds around you and with it make a trap.
Courage, follow Me! Follow your old Roman Rite, based on the first Priest of God!


“I am with you to bless you and to invest in you as prophet of the prophets, so that the work that you will go to do will be all Word of God.
In the ambit of the church it will bring upheaval in the church, but it is the time that they decide to go back to do their duty to God and to man, indoctrinating as they please and not as the Divine Law instituted the duties of the ones who must guide My children. Now they are all adrift. …
Begin now to go back up the current and put yourselves in the attitude of pure repentance for that which you have done. Do not stand there watching, you are only wasting precious time which will no longer come back.
Be courageous in looking inside yourselves and see how much black there is around your soul.
Repent, clean yourselves, ask for pardon and you will immediately feel relieved.
And announce that soon, very soon will appear the light of God, the true justice will appear.
But the Divine Justice does not let itself to be corrupted and it has never been paid, because it is unique and true without any pollution whatsoever. And you, driven into a corner, cannot escape
and you will come to recognize how many times you have been lacking before your God and you will not be able to offer excuses.
Be clean Sentries, ready. Be children who anxiously wait for the Father who returns. ..
It is now that the time will be accomplished, it is now that the pieces must return to their place”.


“Now will be the mature times, so that all the prophecies will happen, and you, My chosen faithful children, you will have to fight on this behalf!
Be always in harmony among yourselves, give ear to Our words. …
Now it is that each of my children, who brought to the world My Word, will be recognized for having accomplished the dictated words, for the realization of the prophecies.

But for those who never wanted to believe, will have bitterness, they will have contrition, they will be afraid of the severe judgment”.


Jesus, asked how to use the money that his instrument received, but knows that it is the Lord’s, responded in this way:
“My child, My money will be of worth for a short time still, and then it will be chaff in the wind”.


The Mamma: “I will build Our Church, I will bring it back, with your help, to worthily shine with light, with wisdom, with intellect and I will dissipate the fog which darkens it.
Hearts will be healed, My Church will be healed so that, as the Heavenly Father invokes, might return to shine the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.
Go forward my dear Margaret, spread Our voice and our words, so that all might understand that the time is coming to an end and soon, they will have to be in a state of beatitude in order to give an immediate response and thus be at a safe refuge.

Enter into the enclosure of the Just Fold, because outside there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”.


God the Father: “You must obey those that are the golden rules: they must be respected, they must not be modified.
Whatever thing the Church, from now on, will change, remain faithful to the ancient rules, I urge you! It is an order that your Father gives you!…
Be ready, because many things they will want to change. And you will understand that they are not right things, it is only the work of the enemy, in order to cover with mud the church, not to edify it!…
If now I am asking you this, it is because the time is about to run out. You will realize this by the coming events.

Help me to save the brothers, to save the church, my Church. …
You warned: when one is warned, know also how you must behave.
And I who am Father to you, must protect my children!”.


The Mamma: “Be united, I urge you, little group, little flock.
My children, be like this always in waiting for Your King.
He will not be long, it will be at any moment. ‘Certainly – you think – who knows when!
We speak of Our time, but your time is shortening in this awaiting, and very soon you will see it, it will make you say: - Behold, it’s here! –
Do not be afraid, be serene and combat with Prayer as you have done up to now.
I will be with you to protect you, to guide you to the point of taking each or your hands, but I want to accompany you to my Jesus.
It will be beautiful that encounter!
His children who wait for him, the Father who waits for the child!
A wonderful scene the embrace: the face that is transformed, the eyes that shine, the mouth that does not succeed to speak, but the face says it all. One sees love, the effusion between two people, Heaven and earth embrace each other!. …
Do not worry about what they say. .. Let them speak!
They do not understand, they cannot understand.
They have ears, nose, heart, blocked eyes. Oh they will open them, unfortunately they will suffer!”.


St. Frances: “Express your joy,... let it explode, freely give vent to all your sensations, to each of your desires to shout out “Jesus I love You! Come Jesus!” ..
He will arrive, he will arrive, do not be in a hurry. Have patience, but he will arrive!..
Persevere brothers, persevere in this way and you will have joy with me and with the Saints..
Heaven opens, the Angles descend. The freedom of your soul will finally be relieved from sin which oppresses it and it will go up to the highest Heavens, to the side of a God who loves it”.


The Mamma: “You are all under the aim of the antichrist, who rebels against the Christians, but you must not have fear.
A faith, if it is well rooted, will give you the necessary strength to combat against him, against his iniquitous laws.
Be strong, do not be cowards!
Look at the ‘then’ – the hope of a better world – and you will see that the sufferings disappear. Only love will tie you together with each other, the Love of God!”.


The Mamma: “I am the Mamma that speaks to you, and my heart is embittered and my daughter feels it.
I cannot be content to see so many children who are being lost, they do not realize it, they do not notice it, and those who know do not listen, they do not put it into practice.

We are at the end you know, there is not much time left.
Heaven has tried everything in order to draw to itself the children, but they do not listen, they are taken up by the things of the world.
The majority of them do not know anything about the Messages, the Signs, the Warnings.

Open the eyes, open the eyes my children! But do you realize?!
Every day you listen to the TV news, the newspapers and you see and you read how many ugly things in the world. How do they not understand that it cannot go forward like this,
and the situation will still get worse, it will be always worse, and there will still be those who do not listen!”.


“My Coming among you is truly near! ..
Are you prepared with the garment of the feast? Are you clean from sin? ..
Remain in waiting with the lamps alight and with much extra oil, because
they must be seen even from far away these lights and make clear to the spouse who arrives.

There will be no mishaps to stop this Spouse, there will be no arguments that might distinguish, the possibility to be left outside forever, and thus it is necessary to be ready, prudent and wise.

Do not take away the gaze on the One who created you.
Do not deviate from any rules... that make one think: - It is nicer like this! It is more comfortable like this! -.

No, my children, be careful! Give much attention because the enemy will know how to play well his cards and soon you will realize this; and you will have to be astute and have a vigilant eye that sees beyond to that which they want you to believe.
Cling to the King and do not diminish prayer.
Be knowledgeable that the demonic machinations always have a flattering and very pleasing appearance. It is his architecture to show himself, but it is a paper castle that will soon catch fire, while you must construct one of rock. …
While waiting for the thief to come, you will have to be quick to understand: - Now is the moment! –
Yes, My dear daughter, the battle is about to break out, and the weapons that will win are which?
The Rosary, the Eucharist, humility, hidden ness, the perseverance in the faith...

Yes, my child, and beyond all of this there is total abandonment of your ‘ego’,
in order to let God intervene”.


“My child, wait for other new things soon to come
and be attentive to the occurrence of certain facts that will have repercussions”.


The Mamma: “My Heart is Sorrowful!
How many children are loosing themselves, they are tormenting themselves by themselves, choosing death and there is no one to stop them! Be careful, I urge you!
Be prudent in all of your movements. In each situation that you find yourselves, pray, pray to the Heavenly Father that he might protect you...

Be knowledgeable of the wicked time which is before the eyes of everyone. And they do not realize that it is a warning, that it is a reproach, that it is a recall, that it is an upheaval. ..
It will be tremendous each day that passes! There will be facts with repercussions – we have said – and you are living them. There will be little blazes here and there that will give the beginning to a great cataclysm.
Do not be afraid, you have been warned for a long time! It is important that you be united in your prayer. That these prayers go up to Heaven to ask for pity, to ask for help, assistance for the ones who find themselves on the chasm and are about to fall.
‘Save souls Jesus!’ , remember this!

How much ill-omened news you will be forced to hear! It seems that men have become used to hearing these news events! There is ever more before your eyes happenings of blood, torture, massacres.
Everything in it’s own time children, do not be in a hurry!
But the Heavens will open to have come down the New Jerusalem and then there will be perfect joy, perfect happiness, an indescribable joy, but first the purification!
Those of you who find yourselves in sin should Confess, that they might always be clean from sin!
Do not let yourselves be found with a dark stain! Clean yourselves first, do not wait for the ‘later’, it could be too late!.”.


The Mamma [It is a very suffered Message!]:” There is so much suffering in the world and this my daughter you are feeling… In this moment many brothers are dying, there is no one to pray for them..
Save them with your prayers! Implore mercy, ask for pardon for their sins… give relief to these brothers...
The earth trembles at the passing of the enemy, it is like a huge hurricane where he passes... He smashes hearts, minds… he makes everything overturn... but the consciences of my children, who have abandoned themselves to their God, have peace inside themselves... they pray with serenity… they confide themselves to the Great Will..”.


The Mamma: “... I wish you a Holy Christmas! Open your hearts children, open them to the Love of Jesus. He is the Star who guides you, do not loose sight of it.
Announce His Word, announce His Coming. Soon he will be among you and he will look into the eyes, he will look into the souls and he will show the condition in which your soul is in.
If there is still sin, if there is something that you have not confessed, clean yourselves continually: that there might not be any sin in you!
Your strength to walk on the right path will be always stronger... Rely on Prayer, on the Sacraments. Be united helping each other reciprocally.
Pray the Holy Rosary everyday. Do not neglect morning and evening prayer in gratitude for the hours, the minutes, the days that the Lord permits you to live!
Be abandoned, abandoned to the Will of the Father.
If in you there is this abandonment... everything will go to it’s place, every obstacle will be overcome”.